Search for Wooden Projects on the Up

Wood is on the up (!)

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Wooden Projects on the Up

Reading through some trade articles today and was pleasantly surprised to see that people are searching more than even for the term “wooden”, wooden garden furniture, wooden gates, wooden sheds and even playhouses.

Does this mean that Britain is turning its back on the ‘if it is plastic it’s fantastic’ era? I hope so. Whilst plastic is revolutionary in many senses, for the guy who like to make things, wood is still king.

I hope that this means that more and more people are stocking their workshops (sheds!) with a half decent saw and finally building that dream playhouse, sorry, castle for the kids.

I asked my kids this week what was their favorite in the garden and was expecting “trampoline” and was pleasantly surprised to hear wooden castle tops the list. Something to do with imagination…….

I must get around to buying the home woodworking plans that I advertise down there somewhere, (points down!), although I still haven’t recovered from the CD I got from ebay one time with about a million projects on it!

Do let me know about any interesting projects that your flip over saw has been used for.

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