Moose on the loose in Norway!

Drove to Sweden this past weekend…….

image of a moose, recently seen in sweden

Loose moose......

And bumped into this ‘lil old fellow! Well, not this exact fellow as we couldn’t stop to photograph ‘our’ moose (still, he looked pretty much exactly the same!).

My first proper drive around in Scandinavia found it a quiet place, dotted with many peaceful, flat lakes and empty roads. I suspect that the fishing would be very good and certainly if the cries of delight from  the kids fishing from the wharf in town, were anything to go by.

We were in Sweden to celebrate my parents in law’s Golden or 50 years wedding anniversary. No mean feat in itself and one that I suspect can get only rarer, given how late some of us leave it to get married!

A great time was had by all and of course it’s always nice to hit the road to go somewhere new, although I can’t explain why.

I wonder what we are looking for in our little quests into other peoples lives and places? Are we looking for confirmation that we do in actual fact, live in an OK place or are we looking for that place that is better than where we have chosen to live? I particularly feel this as we have just bought a house after looking at (and rejecting) many in the area close by my parents in law (Asker in Norway).

After viewing each house there would be an exchange of views, mine from a UK perspective, Cecilia’s from an out of date Norwegian perspective, my parents who worry about the size of the mortgage and my Mother in Law who just wants us to get started somewhere!

However, lady luck plays a part and because we were picky through most of the ‘selling season’ here in Norway (who wants to move over the summer holidays?) we eventually found a house with a couple keen to sell, as they have another house to go to. This house is considerably bigger, closer to the schools and beach, has a good sized garden and plenty of parking space compared to the earlier houses that we looked at. Smiles all round.

I wonder if it is a modern thing to fear that there just might be something better around the corner? I think that wanting or desiring more is OK if it doesn’t make you dissatisfied now. If pursuing happiness in itself makes you unhappy, then learning to settle for what you have is something that you have to learn or you will be permanently unsatisfied.

For example; on the premise that you can never have everything, (because life just isn’t like that!) isn’t it better to happy that you have a car to drive (most people in the world don’t have any at all) and not be ungrateful that it is not a different, newer, bigger model?

Mentally apply that theory to other aspects of your life and you should be deliriously happy just about all the time………….I guess!

As always, stay well.

p.s. I am on a Norwegian Language Course/just bought a house/planning summer holidays at the moment hence the lack of posts here! But then the life of a blogger has to be lived or there will be nothing to blog about!

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