Osama Bin Laden is gone but is al-Qaeda?


Al-Qaeda: Dead or still ticking?

Hmm. So what’s going to happen to al-Qaeda now that Bin Laden is out of the picture? Will his organisation die like cutting the head off a snake, or will his most fervent followers wreak renewed vengence on the innocent?

Studying the IRA as a schoolboy I thought “We know who the leaders are, why don’t we send in the SAS and take them out?”. I later learned that the leaders in the public eye are safer and more predictable than the radical extremists in the background. Leaders often have a political interest in maintaining some kind of order by restraining the more volatile members.

Whilst I can hardly argue that Bin Ladens held his followers back, I hope his minions no longer have access to his wealth. Terrorism is an expensive business and terrorists have to eat too.

Certainly the extra funds on ‘our’ side that were pumped into intelligence have paid off with several attacks thwarted in recent years. Our complicated world often finds individuals around the globe who communicate their terrible plans to each other via email and mobile networks.

Lets hope that they don’t take their eyes off the ball now and continue working hard to keep us safe from those who wish us ill. Especially now they have a fresh martyr to avenge.

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