Spring in Norway

white flowers on the forest floor in Oslo

Carpet of flowers in the forest

Spring in Norway is initially a cautious affair as frosts continue well into May, but a week or more after the ‘last’ one, spring is really underway as I write this.

Although slow to start, it really does get a move on! Flowers, buds and leaves are visibly bigger each day. I think they realise that they only have a short time to get a lot done before the temperature starts to head down again!

weird flowers in oslo

Weird and wonderful

In the spirit of spring, and after being inspired by a friends photographs, we took the kids to the Botanical Gardens in Oslo, as they both seem to enjoy seeing flowers. It was a real treat as everything was in bloom with some pretty weird and wonderful plants in the hothouse.

I am missing my garden this year as we are in ‘transit’ and still looking for a house here in Norway. Still, I have some tomatoes and some radishes in pots, proving that you can grow something, no matter where you are……..

Stay well


image of a little boy taking the time to smell the flowers......

Taking the time to smell the flowers......

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