Having a go at something new…..

Too big and too close....

We have a new addition to the family after a busy weekend……no not that kind of busy!

We have been slowly clearing our jungle of a garden and the biggie this weekend was to remove a large (550mm) tree. It isn’t an easy decision to remove a 50 year old tree, but it really was too close to the house and makes half the garden a shady, soggy mess in the summer.

Time to let the sunshine in!

Then we got to thinking, since we can’t remove the stump (too expensive) why don’t we make something out of it. A quick search online for inspiration and Voila! Fred was born. Or rather carved with my trusty chainsaw and my little hand axe.

New view from the balcony

Never attempted anything like this before so it was quite fun and was a welcome break from the rather joyless task of cutting up the rest of the tree for firewood.

Unfortunately the center of the tree turned out to be quite rotten and full of a compost type material.

Hence the nasty looking mark under his right eye that extends right into the tree and down into a huge cavern behind the mouth which is actually quite cool…..if you dare put your hand in!

Should keep the burglars away from the back door, especially when I get the glowing red eyes fitted………

carved Moai Head chainsawed out of a tree

Meet Fred the Moai Head

Stay well

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Handyman, humanitarian, inventor, blogger and finally a house husband looking after Cecilia, Julia, William near Hvalstrand in Asker, Norway.
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6 Responses to Having a go at something new…..

  1. Ian says:

    Not long, maybe a couple of hours, mostly messing about with it! The kids do think it’s cool and tell everyone about it! I say that he is there to look after us while we are asleep as he is looking into all of our bedroom windows!

    I ought to get him wired up with a motion sensor and lights to really put the wind up anyone creeping around after hours!

    Have booked flight, will mail later with details.

  2. veronica anderson says:

    Looks great Ian, always thought you had a creative side, how lone did it take you to do it ?, bet the kids love it.

  3. Ian says:

    Thanks guys, it was fun to do and the kids think that it is cool, although they are a bit scared to put their arms into his mouth, into that ..big…dark…hole…..

    Thanks for introducing me to the chainsaw Warren 🙂

    Hope you guys get a mild winter..Still snow on the ground here but it is disappearing fast now.

  4. W and W says:

    Wow, there is some artistic talent there. Love it!

  5. Ian says:

    Trouble is I can only copy! I saw something similar elsewhere and I wish that I could come up with something truly my own, one of these days! I am more of a forger than an artist!!

  6. LOL – I love that!! What a creative idea!

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