After more than four months living ‘below zero’…..

Has spring has finally sprung?

More please.....

With temperatures hitting double figures this week I am optimistic!

Emerging from my first Norwegian winter I am pleasantly surprised to find that I am still largely intact! Living in such cold temperatures is mostly a matter of getting the clothing right and earning enough to pay the bloody electricity bill!

It has been interesting for me as an Englishman because I had a completely different view of snow based on my experiences in the UK. For a start the snow is different! The UK mostly has the heavy, wet stuff that soon turns to mucky slush and causes mayhem on the roads.

Here in Norway the snow is mostly the soft powdery stuff that you can’t even make a snowball out of, let alone a snowman. The roads are a different matter too, wearing proper tyres takes care of them.

There are many other benefits too.

  • Everything is clean; frozen but clean.
  • Roads are wider in the wintertime (Norway has narrow roads, inexplicably since many drive honking great big cars) because the snowploughs run a wider path onto the verge.
  • There is no rain for 5 months (whoo hooo!)
  • It only snowed, I don’t know, less than a dozen times all told.
  • It is so still, no wind at all, the occasional tree top wiggle is about it.
  • Deer come into the garden.
  • Sledging, skiing, walking on water (!), magical walks.
  • Winter wonderland settings and landscape.
  • Snuggly evenings with a real fire.
  • Christmas is a proper Christmas.
  • It is predictable!

But all that is behind us now for another year. The ‘high’ temps this week has even prompted the trees to start budding up, although I am clearing most of the trees in our overgrown and neglected garden! It will be better in the long run though, as there was no sunshine getting onto the ground and it was always soggy and damp.

With tomatoes growing on the window sill and onion sets to go in this weekend, spring is definitely here……I hope. I am not rushing for the sunscreen just yet though……

Stay well

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Handyman, humanitarian, inventor, blogger and finally a house husband looking after Cecilia, Julia, William near Hvalstrand in Asker, Norway.
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2 Responses to After more than four months living ‘below zero’…..

  1. Ian says:

    Yup, know what you mean. I am trying to clear our new garden after 27 years of neglect and I still can’t get to some trees as there is close to a meter of snow because the sun just doesn’t get there!

    Not sure I can live here forever but it is all new and shiny for now! And yes the Christmas on the beach seems like a very distant memory right now.
    Thanks for stopping by Bruce.

  2. Bruce says:

    As a transplanted New Zealander living in Western Canada (where our latitude & therefore our temperatures are similar to what you are experiencing now) I can relate to the benefits you speak of. However after this winter – it started in early October, & is only just beginning to melt – has taken any of the whimsical thoughts of “winter wonderlands settings” & “proper Christmases” clear out of my memory!

    New Zealand seems pretty idyllic after 6 months of this stuff, green Christmas’s and all!

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