New place to play in the woods “Lille Gupu”

huts in the woods in Norway

Rest and relaxation Norwegian country style. Sausage anyone?

Found a little hideaway today in the woods close to home. We drive a short way and then hike (well, saunter really) up the ski trail for 10 or 15 minutes to find a little semicircle of low, open fronted huts catching the sun. The huts are provided by the local authority along with fire-pits, covered firewood stores and even new shovels to move the snow off the benches etc. all gratis!

Fantastic place to toast some marshmallows and drink coffee with friends whilst the kids jump of the roof into deep snow drifts and try the suicidal sledge run behind the huts! A rustic ‘cafe in the woods’ is a mere 5 minute walk away should you find yourself craving sweet sticky buns made by Swedish serving wenches!

Come visit, we’ll take you there………

Stay well


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