Nametsi in happier times

Nametsi in happier times

I have talked at length to my friend in Uganda and with my former employer who I worked with in Nametsi, currently in Namibia. I now have a clearer idea of what exactly happened to Nametsi. I Will not go into it here, it is too dreadful.

The BBC have covered the news and you can find the latest news on Nametsi here, or here to go to IRIN.

Damascus, my friend spent all day yesterday up at Nametsi. He is familiar with Nametsi from our time working there and lives a couple of villages away. He tells me that the place is unrecognizable. Where once there was a valley is now flat. Of the Health Unit there is no trace. An odd bit of concrete here and an iron sheet there.

We are talking about what can be done to help prevent things like this taking so many lives. Natural events like this are unavoidable in this part of Africa, we are powerless to prevent it…ever.

But we may be able to help prepare people on what to try should it happen to them and prevent it from taking so many lives next time.

Early days; I hope to talk to Damascus again shortly, you can imagine, phone coverage is difficult.

Stay well

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5 Responses to Nametsi…update.

  1. Ian says:

    Hei thanks for that!
    Actually, I can almost read your blog now……..and no, my Norwegian has not come on in leaps and bounds! I use the Google Chrome browser and I recently found a neat ‘extension’ that I can set to automatically translate any Norwegian pages that I visit. It is pretty good, not perfect but I get the message!
    I of course agree with your words, we should wake up every day full of the joys of spring when you compare our lives to many that we share this planet with!
    Take care

  2. Gunhild says:

    Hi again,
    Your reports on Nametsi were inspiring to me. Wrote a little something on Perspective on my blog: In Norwegian, but maybe Cia can transelate 🙂

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  4. Ian says:

    Hi Gunhild,
    Thanks for stopping by! Yes…Nametsi. Difficult to describe how it felt to know that all those children fled into the Health Unit thinking that its ‘permanent’ status would make them safe. I have gone over it and over it thinking what could I have done. Should we have built it in a different place; a different design; implemented different education for the staff; held community education after the last mud slide (which happened just as we were finishing the unit).

    But in the end nothing can stop a debris flow as big as that. My local friend also said that no matter what you say; the people who live there are bonded to the land and nothing will persuade them to leave.

    So, the children become another sad statistic, but this time it is one that won’t go away. I will carry the images that I have in my head always.

    Unfortunately we are broke at the moment which is probably a good thing, as I suspect that wild horses wouldn’t have stopped me from going back!

    In contrast, we are rounding off our time out here nicely exploring Rotorua and Lake Taupo, which is proving to be very enjoyable.
    Catch you later,

  5. Gunhild says:

    Hi Ian,
    I haven’t been here for a while, so didn’t see your reports from Nametsi until now. That is horrible! I cannot begin to imagine how these people feel right now. And it must be so difficult for you to be familiar with a place and with people, and not be able to do much to help out. But you did something, by posting info here and letting me and others know (I have to admit that this has passed me by unnoticed, if it ever was on the news here in Norway). I hope you will continue to inform us. All the best!

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