Leaving New Zealand


Have been exploring around Rotorua and Lake Taupo this past week. We have mostly been blessed with lots of sunshine and great scenery. An added side beneftit after 18 months living on rain water harvested from our roof and a very dry summer has been the abundant water in our motels! Long hot showers were had by all!

In fact hot water seems to be the theme in this part of the world with all of the geothermal energy around. Local spa’s have free access to boiling water as it pours out of the mountainside at 40 litres a second! The last place we visited had 9 pools all emptied and refilled daily at temperatures that made us glow in the dark!

This will be the last post for a while as we now have a couple of days in Auckland to smooth our ‘rough’ country edges off, before returning to ‘city’ life!

Just to update those following the landslide in Nametsi through this blog, not much has changed and the dead and missing seems to have stabilized at almost 400 people.

Here is an accurate broadcast from an American Arab news station:

Stay well

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