The Gorillas in Rwanda….

…Seem to be as curious about us, as we are about them!

Kris, a Swedish guy I met while working in Rwanda, is currently doing the rounds in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda scoping out places for his safari business (lucky man!) and has been steadily posting his photos as he goes. Makes me feel very nostalgic indeed.

image of gorillas in rwanda

Love the curious chap at the back!

I still cannot believe that I lived in Uganda for nearly two and a half years and have been to Rwanda twice. The only two countries in the world where you can see the famous mountain gorillas and I still didn’t get around to seeing them. Dumb.

Still, there is always next time!!

Stay well

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2 Responses to The Gorillas in Rwanda….

  1. Ian says:

    Yes, I often wonder how good they are. I kinda like the clackity sound thay make on the road. I think that you have to pay an extra tax (fancy that in Norway lol!) to use them in Oslo though.

    I want more ground clearance though, our old Saab 900 is so low, I am frightened of getting stuck on days like today! Not necessarily 4×4, just something with some height! Once we have saved up a pile of course……….

  2. Hi Ian,
    Thanks for your comment. Yes, I was lucky to break down in Sweden! Much cheaper!
    Enjoyed reading your blog and totally agree about winter tyres, they should have them in England! I actually had a hire car this week with studded tyres and they were even better than my winter tyres!

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