What’s a Flip Over Saw and Who Makes Them?

Basic description of a Flip Over Saw

I was asked the other day what the heck is a flip saw? So, for all those new to the business of buying tools I will just basically describe what a flip over saw is and who makes them.

A flip over saw is a combination mitre saw and a table saw in one machine. This is possible due to a clever design whereby the table or bed of the saw can be inverted or ‘flipped over’.

    Flip over saw dw743 from dewalt

    Mitre saw mode

  1. In one mode it is a fully functioning combination mitre saw, capable of straight bevel cuts and combination mitre cuts (angled in both planes).
  2. flip over saw dw743 in table saw mode with fence

    Table saw mode

  3. Flipped over, the base of the mitre saw is now a flat table saw, complete with an adjustable fence and depth of cut adjustment as well as angle adjustments, to enable cutting of angled fillets etc.

I hope that is clear and the photos give a good illustration of both modes.

Who Manufacturers Flip Over Saws?

There are many different companies that include a type of flip saw in their range but here are some of the common ones:-

  • [intlink id=”2122″ type=”page”]DW743 from Dewalt[/intlink] which is a long standing favorite and arguable the ‘daddy’ of them all!
  • [intlink id=”2126″ type=”page”]LF1000 from Makita[/intlink] which is a new comer to the market and very competatively priced.
  • [intlink id=”2127″ type=”page”]D27105 from DeWALT[/intlink] which is the next generation of flip saw from the DeWALT giant.

Now I just know that I am going to get into trouble with this list, but PLEASE feel free to comment and add your favorite if I have forgotten it!

I haven’t included various cheaper flip saws such as the ones made by  MacAllister or Silverline amongst others, as I kind of kept it to the professional types. But again, feel free to comment and let me know your experiences with the budget flip over saws on the market.

I hope this helps explain a little and don’t forget you can go more ‘in depth’ and follow the links in the above list to see more information about each of the flip over saws right here on this site.

Stay well

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7 Responses to What’s a Flip Over Saw and Who Makes Them?

  1. Ian says:

    Hi Dave,
    Your best bet is to set up an alert through Google (https://www.google.co.uk/alerts) and then you’ll easily be able to keep tabs on any Macalister spares that get talked about on the web. Because spare stuff is very thin on the ground for these saws, you might even have to pick up a whole saw to get the fence!

    Sorry not to have a definite link for you but thanks for asking anyway.

  2. Dave Taylor says:

    Hi I am looking for a fence guide for my macalister 2000 flip saw

  3. Ian says:

    Try him Roy at steve.chambers96@tiscali.co.uk…. good luck and sorry for delay, summertime eh!

  4. roy longfellow says:

    i want a motor for macalister flip saw, Has Steve still got the spares?

  5. steve says:

    email me about the McAlister filp over saw as i have all the spares for them. i also do other spares for other tools , thanks steve

  6. Ian says:

    Hey Dirk,
    Yes, it was quite a seller for B & Q, but alas it does seem to be one of those “we have a container full of these, but when they are gone, they are gone” products that the big ‘sheds’ seem to be fond of.

    Normally you release the locking pin/handle and then turn the whole bed over just by grabbing the table/saw bed.

    But I imagine that you have tried giving a few things a wiggle after pulling the locking pin, no?? You are right though, not much info online. Even my ‘get out of jail free’ search (looking for images in google) didn’t give much away!

    Have another go and maybe take a close up pic or two and we can put our heads together!

    Thanks for calling in!

  7. Dirk Wielinga says:

    Dear Ian,

    I came across your web site while trying to find a user’s manual for my MacAllister flip saw model COD250MS (250 mm 1800 W) that I bought recently in Turkey (where I live during the winter). I bought it at a shop that is affiliated with B & Q so I expected an English user’s manual but unfortunately it only contains a Turkish manual with very bad pictures. From what I have seen sofar on the internet this brand of flip saw is not the best buy but I only use it occasionally and thought that it was good value. I tried to find a manual on the internet but strange enough the model number is not known by Google and this model is not on the B & Q web site. Normally I could do without a manual but in this case I need instructions how to ‘flip’ the saw table up to use the machine as a mitre saw. The box it was supplied in shows a button at the front with the text ‘Release button and changeover handle (converts from table saw to mitre saw)’. I can find the release button but no change over handle. The release button works very light but nothing happens. Would you by any chance know how this works or can you suggest where I could get help? Unfortunately the shop where I bought it is a day trip away from here so it is not easy to ask them to show me how this works.

    Hope you can help me,
    Best wishes,

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