OK, now I feel like a dinosaur…..

In my ongoing attempt to learn how the Internet is screwed together I thought that I would have a look at what people are ‘searching for’ .

Oh. Well……. I kind of expected that. So with the ‘remove adult content’ filter switched ON….

image of a t-rex skeleton

Oh. I didn’t quite expect that!

Turns out I am on a different planet, a dinosaur, behind the times, out of the loop……however you say it, it comes around to the same thing. I am getting old and out of touch, as I have no idea what half (more actually!) these searches are about!


OK, see how you fare (smartypants!)

According to Google here are the top 20 popular recent searches.

  1. palo alto plane crash
  2. palo alto power outage
  3. lamichael james
  4. garbage island
  5. unite in japanese
  6. cessna 310
  7. westminster dog show 2010 results
  8. olympics medal counts
  9. tanith belbin 2006
  10. can you eat meat on ash wednesday
  11. duane reade
  12. nbc olympics 2010
  13. county health rankings
  14. east palo alto news
  15. hbo go
  16. mount vernon statement
  17. birthright
  18. tiger grant awards
  19. bo griffin dies
  20. accenture match play 2010

How did you do?

What I find interesting is that there is only one “how to” result. My use of the internet often revolves around wanting to learn how to do  a specific task. Whereas these results appear to be more information based around people or events.

image of figure looking underneath the WWW

Find it?

What do you mostly use the Internet for? News, events, how to’s, or just as a tool to find information?

Also, how successful are you? Do you sometimes spend ages searching for things? I know that I get frustrated sometimes because I can’t quite find what I am looking for, even though I am sure that it is out there somewhere!

I also wonder what people who study these things make of the social side of ‘search’ online; are people really more connected today or are we all in little interconnected but separate cells?

I can’t help but wonder how fast gossip spreads over the garden fence compared to via Facebook?

Stay well

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5 Responses to OK, now I feel like a dinosaur…..

  1. Ian says:

    Thanks for the kind comment Dale. I love the design of your blog, the stitching effect is subtle and brilliant!

  2. Dale says:

    nice blog, and I’m trying to read all, lol. welcome you to pay a visity back.

  3. Ian says:

    Thanks for the kind comment Russell! Will have to take a walk over to Buzz, there seems to be so many avenues on the net these days that one could pour ones whole life into it and barely make a puddle on the bottom!

    And thats the difference between looking for info on the net instead of say, in a library. Something might catch your eye as you wander around offline, but some areas of the web, unless you are tuned into it, its possible to walk right by and not even know it exists.

    Need more Google news alerts !!
    See you around Russell,

  4. Russell Loud says:

    Hi, Ian, I use the internet for find answers and information. For the most part I am successful at finding the answers I am looking for. I use the internet for News, Weather and as you say;”How To”.
    I also, am interested in how it is screwed together. That is a good question! Somehow it just works. You have a very nice Website I enjoy it very much.
    When will start to post on Google Buzz? That is how I found your site.
    It is a shame that the Flip Saw is not readily available in the U.S.
    Thanks for your good work.

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