Flip saw awesomeness…….

What’s the best thing you’ve made with your flip over saw ?

image of an aluminium project for a flip over saw or flipsaw

Industrial ‘chic’ from a flip saw

This one made me think a little. When you use a tool everyday it becomes a part of you in a way and you take it for granted. You develop an inbuilt feeling or knowledge of what you can and occasionally can’t do with a flip saw.

What have I done with mine? Well, I once worked on office conversions in an old Ball Bearings factory and the designer had everything clad in aluminium! Chequer plate sheets on the walls, even the curved ones with angled trims everywhere  incorporating glass blocks and counter tops featuring real ball bearings (found abandoned at the back of a store shed!) underneath glass tops etc.

Working with aluminium on a chop saw like the DW743 is not for the faint hearted, the job requiring a very firm grip on the material, with gloves, ear defenders and safely glasses an absolute must along with blade lube ideally.

But the job looked spectacular…very bling.

So, what have you built with yours?

Stay well


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