DW743N or DW743N-GB or DW743N-LX whats the difference?


image of dw743n-gb flip over saw from dewalt


image of the dw743n 110v flip over saw from dewalt


Right, a real quickie today, I wanted to explain what the difference is between the commonly offered DW743’s on the market here in the UK.

According to DeWALT, basically the DW743N-GB is the ‘standard’ flip over saw and the plain old ‘N’ version is the ‘lightweight’ model. The LX model is the 110volt one, (which you probably already knew).

Performance and specs are EXACTLY the same otherwise. To summarize then, the N version has a few parts made from a lighter material to cut down on overall weight. Not structural parts you understand, but rather non stressed parts like the end cover on the motor etc.

By the way, I have been using the ‘lightweight’ versions for years and they have been as tough as heck.

Clear enough?


Stay well

p.s. photos are courtesy of DeWALT thanks

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