FisherMan 12 from SeaBird Kayaks of Norway

We added a second SeaBird Kayak to the household yesterday and ‘field’ tested it this afternoon in the spring sunshine. The FisherMan 12 looks pretty similar in shape and size to the Ranchero 12 we have but that’s where the similarities end.

Ranchero 12 and FisherMan 12 comparison

Ranchero 12 and FisherMan 12 look similar on the surface but underneath is a different story…

The FisherMan 12 has a large box section running from front to back (do you say bow to stern on a kayak?), effectively making it a twin hulled catamaran. You certainly feel the difference on the water as it turns on a dime and needs a very light touch with the paddle to keep in a straight line. I found it also caught the wind more than the much taller Ranchero 12 which was interesting. I figured this is because the twin hull design displaces less water than a conventional hull, making the FisherMan 12 quite a bit lighter in the water (although it actually weighs virtually the same as the Ranchero 12 at 25kgs or thereabouts).

The seat area on the FisherMan 12 from SeaBird Designs of Norway

The seat area on the FisherMan 12 from SeaBird Designs of Norway

Because of the box section you’re sitting quite a bit higher in the kayak which makes it great for those a long way North of 40 to sit down and stand up in. It also makes a more comfortable seat which is important if you’re going fishing for several hours. The box takes a bit of getting used to as you would normally stand in the middle on any small boat. The open design means you can push the kayak out and then just walk into from the front or rear, like a canoe, either on top of the box section or straddling it.

fisherman 12 rear storage area behind the seat

FisherMan 12 rear storage area behind the seat

Front storage area on the FisherMan 12

Front storage area on the FisherMan 12

There is a huge amount of storage space in the open design of the FisherMan 12, front and rear, making it ideal for other recreational trips like camping etc. It even has two long equipment rails either side to take optional stuff like fishfinders etc. Oh, and two nice padded areas just under where your arms naturally rest on the kayak side which I thought was a particularly nice detail. Especially since you’re likely to be holding a rod in this kayak.

Hope that gives you a little more info about the FisherMan 12 from SeaBird Designs in Norway. Incidentally, their products are designed in Norway and then built in their own factory in China, giving them total control over quality.

Stay well



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Seasons of Norway

Brilliant work from Morten Rustad again! This country never ceases to amaze me with it’s annual metamorphosis from winter wonderland to the exciting fury of spring, relaxing into the long lazy summer days before falling into autumn as everything readies itself for the big sleep before doing it all over again…

It’s six and a half mins long and the best bits for me are in the second half, the winter skies here are breathtaking…

Stay well,

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Lille Gupu ‘camping’ trip

Well, it’s almost the end of the summer and a full moon. What better time to make that long promised camping trip to Lille Gupu in the woods above Billingstad. And what a delight it was too. Fantastic, really.

pond at lille gupe

Peaceful duck pond opposite the shelters.

We set off on the short walk to these little shelters around 6pm and soon made camp home. A roaring fire was built and the ever present sausages were soon wolfed down followed by our now traditional bananas stuffed with chocolate cooked in the embers of the fire. Oh, and a couple of beers of course.

lille gupu shelters

Home for the night at Lille Gupu.

After getting thoroughly smoky around the camp fire we snuck into our sleeping bags. The temperature dropped to about 10 degrees but apart from slightly chilly ears and noses our new cozy sleeping bags did the job.

It got light sometime after 6am, so around 7am we kicked the fire back into life to ward off the early morning chill. Fresh coffee and pancakes made up our first breakfast, followed by a leisurely stroll around the small pond, sitting in the sunshine watching the ducks chasing dragon flies. So happy to be up early and to enjoy such lovely peace and quiet (well, apart from the occasional sheep or cow bell!).

Unheedingly leaving the camping stuff behind, we headed over to the newly re-opened Gupu cafe (5 mins walk away) and we had a very yummy second breakfast after chatting to the new cafe owners for a while. It was nice to meet you Anette and also to hear some of your plans Casey, we wish you all the luck in the world, especially in 9 days lol!(Anette is very pregnant!).

That finished us off so we broke camp and we were back in the car around 12. What an amazingly relaxing 18 hours or so. Lovely to be heading home as the relative crowds ascend to enjoy the afternoon in glorious weather in the woods. Again soon please!

Stay well


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Norways finest…

Every country has it’s areas of outstanding beauty. Thanks to Morten Rustad here are some of Norways…

Wait until you have 5 minutes to spare, go and grab a cup of coffee and a piece or two of chocolate and watch this video. Goose bumps guaranteed, unless it’s just me and I’ve gone ‘native’! (don’t forget to go ‘full screen’ and turn up the music a little)

Stay well

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The ever lovely Semsvannet in Asker.

There is a 200 acre lake about 20 minutes drive West of Oslo in Norway that is a favorite place with the locals for walking, sauntering, jogging, running and generally pottering about in the outdoors and yet apart from the odd Polish guy fishing from an old row boat once in a blue moon, the actual lake is unused in the summer and autumn…..

Hmm. Time to find a spot to launch the ‘river pig’. Fortunately I have an old Honda CRV so finding a spot to get down to the water was easy.

I’ll let the photos take over from here….

semsvannet via canoe

semsvannet via canoe

canada geese at semsvannet





semsvannet via canoe or kano

Very relaxing couple of hours!
Stay well

p.s. the winter is a different matter though, and the lake hosts an annual ‘ice festival’ featuring teams of guys (and gals) who’s challenge is to haul ten blocks of ice out after chopping and sawing them from the half meter or so of ice that has formed by late March. Some ‘idiots’ also take a short (very short!) dip in the newly exposed water! Horse and carriage rides are also available for the kids alongside a roaring fire to toast your sausages on sticks. Very weird to see a big fire in the middle of a large lake! Ice insulates as they say…

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